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Business Valuation
Other Services
Our other services include:

Acquisition Services
We can provide the following buy-side services:
  • Develop an acquisition plan
  • Identify and approach candidates
  • Structure and negotiate the transaction
  • Finance and close the deal
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Intellectual Property Services
In today's information age, strategies for managing a company's intellectual property are critical to corporate decision making. Intellectual property is becoming an increasingly larger part of our economy and are the value generators of the future. To sustain economic growth, companies will have to:
  • Identify all of their intellectual property
  • Measure the value of each individual intellectual property
  • Identify revenues and cash flow attributable to the intellectual property
  • Protect their intellectual property
  • Manage intellectual property registrations on a world wide basis
  • License intellectual property to and from third parties
  • Assure compliance with all agreements
Managing a company's intellectual property requires understanding value for sale/purchase transactions, licensing in or out, patent infringement litigation, strategic planning, or bankruptcy proceedings. Each of these valuation purposes depends on several critical variables which may include:
  • The appropriate standard (definition) or value which should be used (e.g., investment/strategic value, fair market value or fair value)
  • The appropriate premise of value which distinguishes going concern value or liquidation value
  • The projected economic benefit stream
  • Remaining economic life
  • The appropriate discount rate
  • The appropriate royalty rate
  • Any adjustments required by case law or supported by market research
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Private Company Sales and Divestitures
At some point in the life cycle of a business, an owner of a private company may be interested in gaining liquidity of their largest asset, the stock of their company. The Financial Valuation Group can assist in analyzing liquidity options and implementing the most effective strategy. To this end, the following sell-side services are provided:
  • Review shareholder goals
  • Analyze operating and financial characteristics of the company and determine a valuation range
  • Develop a marketing strategy for the sale, including timing consideration
  • Produce the selling memorandum
  • Generate the buyer list and contact each potential buyer
  • Develop a management presentation
  • Analyze offers - including price, structure, terms and conditions
  • Negotiate the purchase agreement
  • Assist in closing the transaction
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Value Engineering
Value engineering is designed to aid owners and leaders in aligning business planning and operational execution by identifying the role of three key elements of a business (strategy, systems, and people), and managing these three elements synchronously. Value engineering asserts the assumption that value creation is a holistic endeavor that requires:
  • A consistent approach to management planning, resource allocation, performance assessment, and communication
  • A management focus on and priority of value creation
  • Alignment of management action with strategic objectives and shareholder value
  • Strategic benchmarking to monitor the value creation process
Value engineering recognizes that different people in an organization make, at different times, different sets of business decisions. The alignment process emphasizes that the decisions need to be coordinated to achieve maximum value.

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If your consulting needs are not specifically listed, please feel free to contact us. Our professionals will be happy to discuss your needs and possibly refer you to an appropriate service provider if we are unable to provide the required services.
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